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The Pagan Sabbats of the year
The Following information came from "The Agnostic Pagan"
Individual Sabbats
Yule: December 21
At this time, the Goddess gives birth to a son whom we know to be the God. This time of Winter Solstice has long been viewd as a time of devine births. The main idea consentrated on at this time is the fact that death always leads to a new rebirth. It's also a time of starting over. This is the Wiccan new year. ('Cause what the rest of the world (AD/BC) doesn't apply to us, now does it?)

Imbolc: Febuary 2
This time marks the recovery of the Goddess after giving birth to the God. He is a toddler, going around and making all things joyful as the Goddess sleps, resting after an exhausting pregnancy. It's a time when the earliest begingings of Spring occur- spring being the time of new birth of all Nature as well as a purification of Nature. It's a festivel of Light and fertility, and just a general Horray! as life returns to all things.

Ostara: March 21
This is the time when we see the Goddess awakening to continue her son's work, blanketing the earth with fertility. On Ostara, the hours of night and day are equal (Spring Equanox). This time is a time of beginings.

Beltane: April 30
One of the favourite of all Wiccans, this is a time of great fiests and rituals. At this time we see the God become a man. Both he and the Goddess are full of vitality and grace. Everything in the world is beautiful and still growing...

Litha: June 21
At this time, the earth is a wash in the fertility of the Goddess and the God. This day, Midsummers, is a time for magics of all kinds; a time when the powers of nature are at their highest. Both dieties are at the primes of their lives as they join together as lovers, and in the end concieving a child. In some covans, the Great Rite is preformed symbollicaly or literally. Basically, everyone's havin' one hell of a time living life.

Llamas: August 1 (First Harvest)
During this time, the plants of spring are withering and dropping their fruits. The seeds disperse, ensuring another year of crops (much like how the God spread his seed to ensure his rebirth). Not much else is going on. Safe to say, I haven't had time to check up on the harvest festival traditions, etc.)

Mabon: Autom Equinox (Second Harvest)
In older times, this is when the first harvest (begin at Llamas) would have been completed and the final gathering would begin. The day and night are once again equal as Nature readies itself, drawing it's bounty back for winter. Shown through the retraction of it's bounty by nature, at this time the Goddess is readying for the harder parts of her pregnancy at this time.

Samhain: October 31
This dark, wintery time is the time when Wiccans and Pagans alike turn within themselves to reflect on the year they have just lived through. All the cycles of Nature, the progression within themselves... They also come to terms with the phenomenon of life which we have no power over- Death. At this time, the God returns to the earth in his own passing, leaving the Goddess to reflect by herself upon the upcoming year. This is the Wiccan new year.