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Talk With A witch: the truth about us.

We are not Satan Worshipors as some might think I don't even believe 
in Satan. Satan/Lucifer was (I beleive) invented by Christians to scare
them into being good.We worship the goddess and the god, many people 
in the wiccan religion have diferent beliefs so I cannot speak as the 
whole only an individual. Many when they hear the term Witch or Wiccan
think of the "Black" Magick portrayed in movies and t.v. shows. We 
have rules or guidelines. One is The Rule Of Three stating that 
anything you cast out, be it good or bad, will be returned to you 
three fold/Three times larger.Another is the law that you must strive
to love yourself and others.Also THE major one is Harm ye none, then 
do what ye will.   
      We are not evil, we are not deciples of evil we are people of 
the old religon. A Grass roots back to nature type of thing. We have the pentagram/pentacle (5 sided star inside a circle) which some people think of 
as satanic, It is not. The corners represent (Top first) spirit, Then the 4 elements, earth,
fire, wind, and water.
I hope this has helped you to understand us as a people better and 
remember to love yourself and others, As well as try to keep an open 
Blessed be, Araban Moonpearl

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