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The Zodiac as interpreted by the average Romani.
From Gypsy Dream Dictionary by. Raymond Buckland.

ARIES: Leader; pioneer. Sometimes impatient and overly ambitious.
TAURUS: Hard worker. Great strength (and proud of it); perserverence.
GEMINI: Adaptable. Knows a little about a lot of things. Gift for languages.
CANCER: Extremely sensitive. Homelover. Follower of tradition.
LEO: Extrovert. Sense of the dramatic. Great lover.
VIRGO: Conservative. Critical; analytical. Best of planners or organizers. Intellectual.
LIBRA: Has intuition and foresight. Peace loving, with a great sense of justice.
SCORPIO: Has tenacity and determination. Great selfcontrol but too fine an opinion of self. Can be Jealous and demanding.
SAGITTARIUS: Knows no fear. Kind and gentle, yet out spoken and direct.
CAPRICORN: Ambitious; materialistic. Fear of inadequecy. Can be greatly depressed or incredibly happy.
AQUARIUS: The planner; always looking ahead. Independant. Honest and kind, but difficult to understand.
PISCES: Sensitive; noble. Can be vague and overly optimistic. Excellant diplomat.