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Mayan Gods
Ab Kin Xac
Mayan god of war and poetry. 

Mayan god of life, responsible for the development of children in the womb. 

Ahau Chamahez
Mayan god of medicine and health. 

Ah Kinchil
Mayan god of the sun. 

Ah Puch
Mayan god of death. 

Mayan god of death, associated with suicide, death by hanging, beheading, and human

Mayan war god sometimes called "The Archer". 

Aztec and Mayan rain and vegetation god. Also the lord of thunder, lightening, wind, and

Cit Chac Co
Mayan war god. 

Ek Ahau
Mayan war god. 

Ek Chuah
Mayan scorpion god, patron of traveling merchants and cacao planters, god of war. Concerned
himself primarily with those who died in battle. Participants were not allowed to get drunk at
his festival as they did at others. He is often called God M. 

Mayan god of farming, agriculture, civilization, and domestic matters. He was said to live in
heaven and hell at the same time. 

A historical figure in Mayan history, was elevated to the status of god after death. A god of
war, battle, honor, courage, bravery, personal success. 

Mayan god of the winds, whirlwinds. Invoke for air elemental magic. 

Hun Pic Tok
Mayan war god. 

Ancient mayan creator god who made the earth, the element of fire, animals, and mankind.
Symbolizes fire, spiritual enlightenment, thunder, hurricanes, whirlwinds, disasters. 

Mayan sky god and the father of the gods; humankind's creator. Lord of day and night.
Omnipotent, remote, and impersonal. Personified the rising sun, light, life, knowledge, and the
east. His sign was a red hand. Depicted as a cross-eyed, toothless old man with a lizard body.
Animal totems were the lizard and the jaguar. Founder of Mayan religion. Invoke for healing,
art, drawing, letters, crops, fertility, water, regeneration, medicine. 

"Lady Rainbow". Mayan goddess of childbirth, pregnancy, domestic arts and matters, floods,
spinning, and weaving. Generally portrayed as being destructive, deathly, and demonic. 

Mayan moon goddess, married to a sun god. 

Mayan patroness of hanging and hunting. Goddess of suicide. Mayans believed that those who
committed suicide went straight to paradise. 

Mayan god of light, learning, culture, organization and order, laws, calendar. Deification of
the west. 

Mayan earthquake god. 

Mayan goddess of fire and divination. She required that victims be thrown into volcanoes. 

Mayan creator god, defender from evil. 

Xaman Ek
Mayan god of merchants, business, economy, trade. 

Yum Caax
Mayan god of maize, joy, happiness, growth, life, birth, husbandry, wealth, and good crops. 

Mayan god of the hunt. Protector of the deer. According to legend, the deer created the
vagina of the moon goddess by stepping on her abdomen. She was then she was able to bear
the children of the sun god. Zip would deceive hunters to believe he was shooting a deer when
in fact it was a iguana (a sacred animal of Itzam Na; to kill one is to incite the death
penalty.). To gain Zip's favor through worship and sacrifice results in a good hunt.