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Blessed be times over again.

Wiccan Paradise

The Witches Brew.
One of the oldest and best sites on the web.
I've found some good ones here.
Witch's league public awareness Website
The Goddess councils sacred Circle of Grace
From The Army Chaplains Hand Book
How to handle a Wiccan in the corps
Good Wiccan personal site
Not sure of his name though
The Rede
By. David Piper
Wiccan Message Board
Wiccan Pages
Odessy's wiccan page
The Witches Voice
The Fellowship Of The Earth.

Some worthy causes

Whispered Prayers: Definatley wothry of looking at home of WAVe, PAVe, and SAVe
AVC: Anti-Violence Council
SAFE: Stop Abuse For Everyone
S.O.S. & S.A.: Survivors of Sexual and Spiritual Abuse
Cops: Community Oriented Policing Services
Anti-Gang Inititive:
The Polly Klaas Foundation: For missing Children
MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving
National Center For Missing And Exploited Children:

Witch Webrings

Witch Haven: A Haven For Witches
Whispered Prayers:
Book of shadows and light webring:
Misc. Papan pages
Goddess 2000
Goddess 200 t-shirts
Altar figures