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Lennen is one of my brethren as well as my best friend we have been good freinds for nearly three years now and this is a section he wrote about himself enjoy.he has long dark brown hair and a gotee. He like's lots of trippy stuff.He straight out a the 70's. He never wears jeans, only polyester and cords. Instead of getting a letterman's jacket he just put his Liberty "L" on a red sweater he likes to wear. He wrestles,plays middle linebacker on the footbal team(he got defensive MVP), and does a bunch of feild events in track. He listens to all these weird sort of mellow bands like Ben Folds Five and Space. But his favorite band is Radiohead. He believes in a mix of religions, not including christianity, but including Scientology, 1734(Wicca), and Budhism. He thinks that his religious liberty has been purged, since christianity is all taken over the government. He's very mch a revolutionary, but he's also a patriot. He says that he wants to overthrow the government because of his love of this country. His name is lennon 'cause of his veiws i guess i'll have him write more when he's with me.

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