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First let me explain what I consider to animalities to mean.It means
to me the animal the person relates to not necisarily the animal they'd 
most want to be (although this may be the case) but more of a kinship 
with that animal a sortt of understanding. In my case it's a hawk/eagle
I've had several expieriences leading me to believe this to be "my" 
animal.One such case was when I was coming home from my brothers 
colledge and on the way home I saw a bald eagle sitting in the middle
of a plowed feild with barely any trees around, not really a usual
place for such a bird. and then when I finally got home I saw another
fly not twenty-feet away from my house after sitting there and watching 
me for several moments. Now this was the first time I had seen one around 
our house. This is not usual to see two such birds in the area I was in.
   The other was when I went to school early and I walked out side to 
wait for the other buses and I looked over and a hawk flew down with
a pidgeon in it's talons. I walked up to it and sat down about five 
feet away and sat there and watched it and it watched me and would
sit there and eat a little until someone else approached and it 
flew away.

He told me it was a bear for obvious reasons. I'll have to have him 
write more about it when he's around. 

He beleives it to be a squirrel, which I think really fits him, 
because we were walking through the woods and this squirrel came 
running towards us and started squeaking like crazey I think it 
was trying to talk to him and it got about a few feet away and 
just sat there looking at us and would squeak everyonce and a 
while some more. then when he left I stayed and watched it a while
and as he walked away the squirrel turned and looked where he was
going and started squeaking even louder. Then about ten yards away
another squirrel started barking at us and we continued to walk
and all the rest of the day we heard squirrels. 

You are the th person to come see the Animals