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Animal Guides.

Facilitates grounding and nurtures a sense of divine Presence. For accessing one's ability to know the truth. Assists in defining relationships and setting healthy boundaries with others. Encourages kinship and a sense of community. Encourages kinship and sense of community. Encourages right action. For cultivating a joyful spirit, strength of character, integrity, and honoring lifetime commitments.

For connecting deeply with the power and rythms of the Earth. Supports one in incubating ideas, plans, and dreams and bringing them to fruition. Helps one tap the power of one's unconcious. Supports one in attuning to one's own natural cycle of hibernation and emergence. For cultivationing strength, groundedness, and power.

As the master architect and builder, provides support for creating the design of one's life. Faclitates clear thinking, planning, creating and problem solving. Especially supportive in the beggining of new projects and endevors. Supports the acceptance of structure as a necessary part of the creative process.

For slowing down and getting in touch with the resonance and rythms of the Earth. Nurtures a sense of sacrednessand knowing that we are all part of a sacred web. As a teacher of stillness, buffalo encourages experiences of deep inner quiet, calm and contemplation. Enhances feelings of gratitude for the gift of all life.

As a catalyst for transformation, supports one in times of emotional and spirital transition. For letting go, moving forward and trusting in the wind's ability to carry one. Encourages feelings of lightness, grace and a gentle fluidity in giving and receiving. Nurtures a harmonious balance of vulnerability and strength within self.

Helps one connect with life as part of a sacred circle. Supports one in knowing where one is going, of feeling always at home. For becoming aware of the Great Cycle within and around us of birth, death, and renewal. Supports those who have lost their way and who wise to find their spiritual center. Supports one in knowing when to lead, and when to seek guidence and follow.

As a shamanic teacher, provides support for exploring and enhancing one's shamanic power. Assists one to see deeply into the nature of reality. Supports developing and claiming one's intuitive ability. Facilitates discovering the lessons of paradox in one's life. For moving between the realms, for piercing through Illusion. "Open your eyes, open your ears, all is not as it appears."

For moving deliberately with great awareness and calm. Encourages gentlness and peace. Enhances one's ability to change directions quickly, without losing one's center. Deepens awareness of the present moment. For seeing with great clarity what is going on around and within oneself. For cultivating surrender, humility, and trust in gentle ways.

As the master of illusion, supports one in traveling between the dimensions, helping one to open to spiritual energies. For relaxing and experiencing dreamy, spacious, light energy. Supports one in calming down and resting comfortably after busy periods. Facilitates letting go and spiritual expansion.

For nurtureing feelings of peace, calm, and stillness at the heart of one's life. Quiets the thinking mind and allows one to experience the glory of the gods in the present moment. Nurtures a sense of Divine Femine and heavenly blessing, and allows one to honor and appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

As the great teacher of the power of play and unconditional love, enhances feelings of joy, laughter and delight, as well as compasion for one's own pain and that of others. Deepens the power of healing and transformation with breath, water,love joy and meditation. Enhances dream recall, psychic development, and telepathic communication between people and animals.

For soaring above earthly matters to gain perspective and clearity. Assists in transending the mundane and perceiving the deepesst truth at the heart of a situation. Enhances spiritual and creative vision. Facilitates opening to the divine for creative inspiration. For soaring with Great Spirit, for connecting with Higher Self and Divine Guidence.

I symbolize intelligence and might, long life and royalty, sexual prowess and ancient power. As the Hindu god, Ganesha, I am the remover of obstacles. Mothers of great techers and masters dream of me in my white form. I am the creator of clouds. Go outside and look up at the sky to find the answers to your questions. You just might see me as well. I have a keen sense of smell. If I appear to you, try adding a bit of scent to your life. Light a scented candle or burn some incense. Smell can take us back to wondrous times of our lives or help record the current times.

Facilitates experiencing the everyday world as miraculous. Helps one to become aware of and trust in life as a miraculous, transformative process. Provides strength and certainty for those undergoing deep emotional and spiritual changes. For developing comfort with change and transformation as the constant of life.

Supports one in developing independance of thought and confidence in one's decisions. Nurtures one's ability to find clever solutions when facing difficult situations. For breaking out of societal conditioning and finding one's own way. Assists one in seeing a situation unfold, and facilitates one in making wise decisions. Provides support for claiming one's authority.

My powerful wings search the air currents as I soar far above the earth. My keen eyes search through the grassy feilds for the movement of my prey. With a swiftness that brings envy to the minds of man, I dive headlong and clasp an unfortunate feild mouse into my talons. To learn from me is to understand the overall picture. Not only is my eyesight keen but it also surveys the great expanse of the earth. I miss nothing in my pursuit of life. For many people and cultures my swiftness and clear-sightedness as lead me to be a messenger between this land and the Otherworld. To the Greeks, I was the messenger of Apollo. For the Egyptians, Horus wore my likeness as the conductor of souls. My cry will startle one into awareness. It is the warning to be bold and decisive in future situations. It is a call of all that surrounds you.

Nurtures feelings of joy delight, and celebration at the gift of being alive. for "lightening up" Assists with gentle purification and cleanses away recent emotional residues. Helpful in times of physical emotional challenges and provides uplifting support for facing past, unresolved issues.

I am a hunter of silence and cunning. I leap from branch to branch with ease. I fear not the water, the trees, or the land. I am the spirit of rebirth, the releasing of fear. My roar is the roar of thunder. in my black form I am a symbol of the feminine, the dark mother. I cause eclipses when I swallow the sun. My guidance is in the understanding of the dark anbd death and their powers. Through understanding, fear can be eliminated and the powers used. My appearance marks the return of something lost in the darkness, a reclaiming of one's true power. Use this power wisely and do not let it slip so easily through your fingers.