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Egyptian Gods.

Amen: "The hidden one," a primordial creation-diety.

Anubis: God of the dead.

Bast: Cat Goddess.

Bes: Dwarf god believed to guard against evil spirits and misfortune.

Chons: Moon god.

Dua: Protector of the stomach of the deceased.

Geb: God of the Earth.

Hathor: Cow goddess.

Isis: Mother goddess.

Ka: Name for the vital force of life.

Maat: Goddess of truth and justice.

Min: Fertility god.

Mut: Wife of Amen, mother of Khons.

Nephthys: Goddess of the dead.

Nut: Goddess of the sky and the heavens.

Osiris: God of the underworld and vegetation.

Qetesh: Goddess of love and beauty.

Re: Sun god.

Selket: Scorpion goddess, helper of women in childbirth.

Set: God of chaos.

Shu: God of the air.

Sobek: Crocodile god.

Taweret: Hippopotamus goddess and protective diety of childbirth.

Thoth: Egyptian moon god.

Wepwawet: God of war and the funerary cult.