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Bayrtall is the wiccan name that i choose because of a man that was very much a teacher,idol and a father for me he was a native american male that was homeless the time i met him my father let him stay with us for a while he went in and out of my life for a long time and eventually faded out because of a run in with trouble. he taught alot to me so i took his name to hopefully mean that much to some one else. im not intiarrly wiccan my religon like Lennon's is composed of many different influnces but mostly aquarian shamanism I am a hippie stuck in the past that can't up his mind about any thing I listen to many different types off music so when i meet different people i know what i'm talking about . I lead my own path and dont let other people make up my mind I try to be free but none of us can be free because "freedom only means theres nothing left to lose".Janis Joplin. When I bacome older I want to be famous not because of the fame but because of the people and when i do become famous your all welcome in my home. I don't play any sports but i'm waiting for hacky sack to become an olympic think of myself as a philosopher and a idealist. I want world peace but were not going to have world peace unless were all prepared to fight for it i want to see all of you. e-mail me lets talk. This was written by bayrtall.