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We Have Our Magick
Here I sit alone.
While those around may all be clones.
Here I sit by my self.
While those around, all are a jolly old elf.
Here I sit with none around.
While here and there many abound.
Here I sit with none to share.
While they sit there pair by pair.
Here I sit with none to play.
While those around do mock and sway.
Here I sit with only my Magick.
While those around throw a word and a stick.
Here I am alone in a world.
While those around me are many and bold.
Here I am alone while surrounded.
While they sing and they play I am profounded.
Here I am And here I値l stay.
While those around me yell and say.
You do not belong now go away.
But who belongs is the question now I say it痴 I So I will stay.
It痴 them who are wrong .
Since me and my kind were right all along.
So here will stay as peaceful as we can.
Even though us they will try to ban.
But we have our magick and it is so strong.
That I know we cannot be in the wrong.
So here we値l stay and here we値l live .
And to each other we値l give all we have to give.
For we are brothers and strong is our tie
And as they fight our strength no longer will we stand by.
We will join hand in hand and sing our song.
Hand in hand we will not be wrong.
For this is our world which is ours all along.
So stand we must and stand strong.
Brother amongst brother.
We値l join one another.
We値l join using the power blessed by our mother.
Our Mother the moon will heal our wounds.
Our father the sun will cheer us on.
Even though they are many we still have our Magick.