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Let Loose
I sit alone on the blackened hill, Watch as the beasts of torment make their kill.
Bestial urges press me to join their evil courtships.
The pressure fills me from head to toe.
I try to battle the evil rushes of power.
But I know that the urge will win.
I will run down the earthís confining tower.
I fight against the current of evil flowing.
But I know that Luciferís Hammer will eventually come down,
And that I must join those beasts of now.
I release myself to the world I have attempted to suppress.
I stand and let myself scream towards this world of evil bliss.
I run through the trees of mocking terror.
Past the lakes of self-mirror.
I run up the mountains towards freedom.
And through the falls of love.
Forgetting all but the hunt,
Like this insane world spinning blunt.
I feel the urge pressing past me and,
Lifting me like a PCP angel of yesteryear.
A hippie of joy,
And an angel of violence.
I lift my head to the air.
And sniff the blood of innocent children.
I howl at the moon of angels flying free.
A prologue of love not meant to be.
As I run just for the joy of flying above this world thatís slipped.
I reach a hill and feel my wings clipped.
As I see the sunrise.
And I realize.
Itís come to take my prize.
A smile of dark happiness crosses.
As I realize Iíll be back again,
And enjoy my flight.
Of evil plight.
With the returning of night.