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If You want to pin a 666 on something pin it on Christianity~ Mrs.Chin (The palm reader Lady)

The reason she said this was because by them inventing Satan they give him power and energy. By believing in something it comes to life and gains power whether in mind or body. I tend to deal with alot of herbs and most of my spells deal with nature, the natural realm as some call itis where I feel most comfortable. I feel completely at peace and am filled with a sense of cleanliness I beleive I can feel the energy from the woods and feel recharged. I am a member of a small coven but, mostly I practice as a solitary. I DO NOT BELIEVE IN SPELLS MAKING PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. So if you came here looking for love spells than you are in the wrong place. My religon is a mixture of wiccanism, Buddhism, Shamanism and a touch of Celtic. I have found that the goddess and the god will provide all that you need be it herbs, freinds, money, love, and anything else I have needed so far. My brother Beartall is also a large shaman. We beleive in the law of three were anything you send out comes back three fold, also An it harm none, do what ye will.

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