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List of African Gods from Here AFRICAN GODS Adroa African god of the Lugbara. Adroa is both good and evil, and considered the creator of heaven and earth. Deng African sky god. Associated with rain, birth, and fertility. En-Kai African rain god. (Maasai) Esu African (Yoruban) god of watchfulness. Judges men and records their actions, reporting them to Olorun. Imana African creator god who tried to save men from death. He was chasing after death one day, and a human woman let Death hide under her dress. Imana was so angry at this betrayal that he left Death to do what he would. Had this not happened, man would be immortal. Mulungu Supreme being in African-Christian religion who is equated with God. Nana African earth goddess. Mother of Omolu. Nzambi African bisexual creator god. Associated with the sky and mother earth. Obumo African thunder god. Creator of all things and supreme deity. Olokun African goddess, sometimes a god, of the sea. Portrayed with a coral dress and mudfish legs, with lizards in both hands. Oshun The African (Yoruba) orisha of love, sexuality, beauty and diplomacy; wife of Shango. She is the keeper of the sweet waters and patroness of the Oshun river. With her pure sweetness, she overcomes the most difficult obstacles. She is the protector of the abdominal area and the teacher of pleasure and mirth. She is generous and a great giver, but when she is angry, it is very difficult to calm her down. Oshun's worshippers wear amber beads. Her price is the sacrifice of a small chicken, but it is well worth it, for great and powerful spells can be worked through her. She can be invoked for love, money, beauty, joy, and health (abdominal). Oshossi African (Yoruba) god of the forest and hunting. His symbol is the bow. Uwolowu African (Akpossa of Togo) sky god and creator of everything including the minor gods. He is invoked for agriculture/harvest, spring, birth, rain, and sun. Gave mankind fire. He is seen as generally beneficant. Were African creator god, give of life and cause of death. Like Zeus in the mythology of Greece, he punishes evildoers with lightning bolts. Wuni African creator god and shaper of destiny.